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Rain (always falling somewhere)
10 June 1965
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If you don't agree with their methodology, then please, by all means, offer a better set of metrics. Be part of the solution, not the problem… always.

Does it really matter?

I've served my country. I've given the best measure of myself so that others would not have to. I've turned in my body count. I've buried friends and enemies in the name of a Freedom that most take for granted.

I am not a pacifist. I have no compunctions about killing any man who would fuck with me or mine. As the ultimate, last option, deadly force is sometimes necessary when all other attempts to resolve conflict fail.

Because Man is Man, war is sometimes necessary, though it is never glorious. War is a testament to Man's intractable desire to be right no matter the cost, nor the cause. I cannot support any war that is not the ultimate, last solution, after all other options have been pursued with as much grim determination and ferocity as must the battle be when it is joined.


If you're gonna stare, at least buy me a beer...

- crusty cranky old deathrocker
- recovering wannabe rockstar
- hopeless romantic and a cynical bastard, or a naively hopeful cynic, depends on how much vodka is in me at the time

In darkness there is no sin
Light only brings the fear
Nothing to corrupt the eyes
There is no vision here
At first you may find it strange
But do not go away
The darkness holds a power
That you won't find in the day

If you add me as a friend and I don't know you, it may take a while for me to add you... like the next time I get around to managing my friends groups. Some of what I write here would probably melt strangers' eyeballs (which would be quite spiff actually, but I'll spare you anyway).